Laptop and standby

I am curious if there is such an option. When I close the laptop I would like it to go to standby so all I need to do is open it and press a button so it turns on. I looked all the places I could think of and I am not seeing that option. Obviously I am missing something. Thank you for the help.

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while waiting for some one to help, you can help yourself some:

-visit the Hardware Compatibility List <>
and see if your is listed, and what comments might be there that give
you hints…

-use the advanced search <> with
a search string including the maker of your laptop and some or all of
these words: [laptop model number] hibernate standby close lid

-when you post again tell us your hardware, what version of openSUSE
you have installed, and what desktop environment

-tell us if this lid down thing worked with any other distribution of
Linux, and if so, which one…


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Did you check your settings in Power Management Profiles. This shows a powersave profile but you will probably want to edit the Performance one:](

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Greetings to all of you.
The function to “suspend to RAM” or “Suspend to disk” when closing the lid of the notebook was implemented in KDE 3.5 (that I am currently using).
It works flawlessly on my Samsung Q35 pro. It is possible that this was up to now not currently implemented in KDE 4.3?
The wakeup under KDE3.5 is working with a short push on the “Switch off button” of the machine although it works better and more reliable with the “suspend to disk” function on my machine.
This is actually a very comfortable function and one could make an enhancement request to KDE should it not be implemented up to now.
The version I am speaking about is: KPowersafe 07.x(0.7.3_svn3167) with KDE 3.5.10 “release 61” on a 11.1 system.
The tab is in “General Options” there in “switch events” - sorry if the translation is wrong, I am using the Italian interface so this comes as “Eventi pulsanti”.

Edit: I am on a mobile connection and was not able to download the picture of the previous post. So it is implemented. Beautiful KDE. Sorry for not having seen the image before.

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