Laptop always boots with brightness very low


For some reason, my laptop always boots with a very low brightness level. I always have to set brightness to higher lver manually.
Is there some way to fix this?

Thank you

I can’t set the brightness on my HP dv6325 at all because the brightness switch is a kbd-switch and Linux doesn’t know about it. My nVidia card has a utility that will do it - maybe yours does?

so am i. icant set the brightness on my laptop.

if you can’t change laptop brightness using keyboard, consider buying a better one. It works on all laptops I’ve worked with and installed Linux on because BIOS controls it. And not the OS.

Regarding the low brightness during startup: Check in your BIOS whether there aren’t any settings you can change. Also make sure that your power chord is plugged in when turning on your lap. If it isn’t it’s default behaviour that it doesn’t boot with full birghtness - to save power! You can change this behaviour though by reconfiguring the powersave daemon…

“if you can’t change laptop brightness using keyboard, consider buying a better one.”

That’s funny. My T60 has this issue, but I think it’s “better” enough to run openSuSE 11. I think it would be more economical for most users to work out the issue by changing a setting.

The simplest fix I’ve found in these threads is:

$ xbacklight -set n
where n = 0 to 100 (%)

Or you could just get a better one. :slight_smile:

Some things obviously depends on OS.
When I boot in default kernel, it is normal. WHen I boot in newly compiled 2.6.28, during boot it sets brightness to half. I noticed that it happens when powersave is activated.

don’t get fooled by a Laptop’s name - not everything from Lenovo has IBM qualities :wink:

And yes, brightness can be manipulated by powersave daemon…

I’ve been working mainly with hp / dell laptops (with linux), even a samsung and an aldi notebook got linux installed - and all of them had the possibility to change brightness - without the need of even an installed OS.

Oh well…

I wonder how can I setup powersave daemon not to cut brightness on boot.

I was having the same problem when I realized the brightness slider is backwards. I slid it all the way to the left instead of the right, rebooted and it booted up just the way it should.

where would that slider be? I know that it had one in kde 3.5, now I am on kde 4.2

On the battery monitor in the system tray

Oh yes, sorry. I am new to KDE 4 so I had to get used to it.
…and who the hack put slider to be maximum on left side?! :slight_smile: