Language converter tool

Is there a possibility that some one develops such a tool which converts code in one language say Java to code doing same thing in c??
We have converters from say Hebrew to English and other stuff,so on similar lines can such a tool not be created.I am trying to start of a project like this for Python/Java to c converter

My understanding is “YES” this can and has been done.

But one disadvantage is such code is converted by a machine and is converted code is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the average programmer to follow/understand and hence impossible to maintain.

how shall it be done
Let us have a hypothetical situation
We write our code quickly in Python and use this converter ,generate c code and make executable.
We have efficiency and speed of development

Some of the development time is lost when there is a bug in the running c code.

Trying to decipher it can be difficult. One then has to go back to the original language, and try to locate what caused the problem. This is not always so simple and the conversion adds a complexity that can make it difficult to localize the problem.

So according to you its not worth spending time on

I did not say that. A lot depends on hardware, software tools, and many other factors. What I am saying is it is not straight forward.

what shall my approach be.
I am ready to spend some time on this problem