Language and keyboard problems

I’ve successfully installed openSUSE 11.1 with KDE. I have 2 problems.

  1. While I was configuring Kmail, all the sudden I’ve lost input from keyboard.

Keyboard still works OK. I can use it to login as a root or as a user. When I’ve logged in as a root keyboard works just fine, no problems. But when I’ve logged in as a user, keyboard is dead. None of applications get any input from keyboard. I’ve tryed text editors, Office, Firefox, Kmayl, Yast, nothing works.

  1. Trying to overcome the keyboard trouble, I’ve created another user account. When I’ve logged in as user2, keyboard works. But I cannot switch to another language.

While being user1, I set up Russian as a second language, and it worked quite well while keyboard was working. Now being user2 I am trying to set up Russian as a second language too. I believe I’ve done everything as required, same way as I did being user1. Display works, I can read Russian, but I cannot type Russian.

I’ve got KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher icon working. I can toggle it by mouse, it displays either “ru” or “us”. But whenever it displays “us” or “ru”, keyboard always types English.