Landscape printing doesn't work


i just installed Leap (KDE) a few days ago. Trying to print landscape with libre office ( doesn’t work.
This issue has been a never-ending bug for a few years.
Normally to set the printer language from pdf to postscript solved the problem.
Now it doesn’t. Has anyone a solution?


Might want to say what printer and what driver you use

Brother DCP-7065 DN, rpm packages from the Brother Solution center: generic LPR printer driver and generic CUPS wrapper printer driver.

Maybe the Release Notes to Leap will help:

Hello Sauerland,

thanks for the link.
If every non-PDF input is converted to PDF now do I have any chance to solve my problem?

I have a Brother MFC-7360N (with drivers from solution center) and this is how I solved it in Leap42.1 in Librooffice (i e Calc):
-> Tools meny and choose options
-> choose print in the “left” meny
-> uncheck the “PDF as standard print job format”
-> restart Libreoffice

Viola! Good luck:)


I can confirm this using brother MFC-5890CN
I am using postscript (level from driver)

Hello conram and jonte1,

that is exactly what I have already done. I have installed the generic drivers, I now try to install the non generic.


I have no idea if your printer is Network, or local(USB) connected. Remember that I have a different Brother model then you. Did you read what I wrote in your tread about Scanlite?

No I dont change PDF to PS level when printing. I do it ones and directly in Libreoffice. Below is a screenshot of how it looks like in my PC/Yast2/hardware/printers/brother/edit, Networkconnected.


Hi jonte1,

sure I read your comment in my other Skanlite thread.
Now I have installed the non generic drivers and it works!!!
My printer settings are equal to yours.

Thanks everybody for helping.

Can anyone explain what is the difference in generic and non generic? I understand that generic is available on Brother web. How/where to get non generic?

Thank you

Hello zeppy24,

excuse my late reply. I don’t know exactly the difference too. I just called the other driver on the Brother solution center “non generic”. I don’t want to confuse anyone.
I think a generic driver seems to be something like an universal driver.