LAMP: php scripts "pop up" in web browser


I have problem installing LAMP server on OpenSuSE 13.1. I installed it using pattern. Problem is that php files “not works”: after I type their address in web browser address bar, it just pops up window that offers me either to open it in some editor or download it. If I open it in Konqueror browser, php-script code shows up. How can I install it to work correctly?

Before started installation, I was watching this video ]( and saw that one package missing in Yast sellection: in that video mbstring is checked, but Yast in my computer did not auto-checked it before installation. According to this video I checked mbstring. What do I have to do to make LAMP server works correctly?

Thank you for answer my question.


Most likely you either don’t have the PHP module installed, or it is not enabled.

Check that the package “apache2-mod_php5” is installed.
Post the output of:

a2enmod -l

If it doesn’t include “php5”, run this to enable it and restart apache2.service (or reboot):

a2enmod php5

This solved my problem. Thank you very much! :slight_smile: