LAMP localhost File Transfer & Permissions??

I have installed LAMP per instructions. “It Works!”

The goal is a localhost server for Joomla CMS website development that can be moved to a commercial hosting service with minimum problems when it is ready to go “live” on the internet. What do I need to do now (during setup) to be able to backup the database & files on localhost and move them directly onto the commercial hosting server?

I have done this before and had improper file permissions on localhost that cause security problems when the site is uploaded to the commercial hosting service. How do I avoid this?

Should I move files from the local hard drive into localhost htdocs in Terminal as su? Can I use ftp (Filezilla) to move local files to the localhost htdocs? How?

This is one of those problems that fall into the crack between openSUSE and Joomla. If someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.


Copying files via SSH (Secure CoPy (SCP)) should preserve ownership
between systems, and it is also secure, so I’d go that route. This
implies you are running the command from the source machine where
permissions are correct to the target machine where permissions and
ownership should be set the same way, so no using an intermediate machine
to copy from one machine and then to another.

Otherwise, use ‘tar’ to grab up files as it too should keep
ownership/permissions the same, though in that case (if not in the SCP
case) I am pretty sure you must have the same UID (user ID number) for the
user on the source and target systems. Not positive, so test it, but I
think that’s the case. Typically that’s not a big deal or hard to
overcome, in my experience anyway.

Does ‘root’ currently own your files? What other ownership
(user/group/other or FACL-extended) do you have, and what permissions?

Good luck.

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LAMP localhost is currently exactly as installed - root owns everything under /srv with rwx permissions.

Now I need to create three folders under htdocs for 3 separate Joomla installations (different projects) and move the Joomla installation files into them.

Two of these installations are active websites that I will try to move by backing up the website files and database, and installing the backups on localhost. I do not know just what the ownership and permissions will be on them. **Any ideas on how to do this in a better and/or easier way? Is it possible to just import them from the commercial host server?
The third installation will be the latest Joomla version 3x with sample data. The goal is to use localhost to upgrade the two existing sites to Joomla 3 (it is migration process instead of a simple upgrade and, IMO, best NOT done on a live website).

Any advice or instructions will be appreciated. Thank youfor your reply.