Kwrite: undo shortcut not working under qwertz

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set the system keyboard layout to Polish qwertz
  2. Allow switching to US keyboard layout
  3. Start Kwrite
  4. Switch to US keyboard layout
  5. Type “zzz”
  6. Type [Ctrl [Z]]

Actual results:


Expected results:
(empty buffer)

Type [Ctrl [Y]]

Firefox does not have this problem.

What happens if you switch to US layout before you start kWrite ?

I quit Kwrite and started with US keyboard active. Kwrite still undoes at [Ctrl [Y]].

Did you also check if the selected keyboard is OK.?

When I type zzz, I get zzz.
However, [Ctrl [Z]] does not trigger undo.

The same goes for Amarok: louder is theoretically [Meta [+]] but only [Meta [/]] works.

I have just checked this with the German qwertz layout and UK querty and I get the same results. I suggest you report this as a bug.