Kwrite/Kate copy question

kate 3.3.3
kde 4.3.3

I use kate as my editor.

If I select some text and then copy the
selected text using Ctrl-c and paste the
the copied text into another document without prior deselecting the copied text in the original document, the Ctrl-c command acts like a Ctrl-x command.

How can I avoid that ?


This sounds like a regression. It certainly doesn’t do this in earlier versions as I regularly use it in that way.


In a KDE (and Gnome I presume, because this behaviour existed allready in CDE on HP-UX and Solaris) one slelects a piece of text by left-click-down at one end, move to the other end and release left-button. Then this text is “under the mouse”. Move the mouse to another place (can be in another window) andd to paste a copy, only click the middle-button. No need for keyboard access at all (even not two hands because of the Cntrl-key).

Yes, I know…however this does not change the fact , that the text disappears from the original document.

If you copy in the same document this issue does not manifest itself, because the originally selected text is automatically deselected if you move the cursor to another position and do the insert , be it via middle button click or ctrl-v


Tested on both my machines. Works like it should. I.e. not like yours. Using keyboard shortcuts and mouse. Which KDE are you on?

KDE 4.3.3 release 1
Kate 3.3.3
opensuse 11.1

I hope I am not the only one having this issue …


Did you try creating a new user, and see if the phenomenon exists when the new user logs in?

Created a new user.
Phenomenon remains the same.


this problem happened to me also.

text editor issue - openSUSE Forums

jolestar wrote:
> this problem happened to me also.

how are the KDE developers progressing on resolving the bug you (or
someone else) logged with them?

Have a lot of fun…

After testing on several systems this issue went away after deinstalling scim.

I found a reference to a qt scim bug on a debian forum.

Maybe someone can look into this and
patch the scim available in the repositories.