kworker uses 40% processor and I/O resources

Hi all,

I recently noticed that my disk activity light is lit constantly. One of the kworker threads seems responsible for this, consistently using about 40% of cpu plus I/O. Fortunately it has a prio of 39, so it doesn’t impact performance, but I still don’t like the idea of 60 MB/s being constantly written to my SSD. I’m on openSUSE 13.2. Anybody any idea where this comes from and how to stop it?


I had a similar issue on a previous version, I think 12.3 or 13.1. For me it was related to
the desktop search engine, I turned it off in general settings and it stopped.
Not sure if this is the same,but it’s with a look.

Yes most likely the semantic search function indexing. This can take a long time but should stop after a while. You did not say which desktop so I assume KDE you can go to Configure Desktop- Desktop Search turn it off or adjust the places it won’t indexes. By defualt it Indexes the world :stuck_out_tongue: