kwin5-fx-beclock doesn't works and amor5 too

on my laptop=Samsung RV520, RAM=4 Gb, GPU=Nvidia GeForce GT 520M, CPU=Intel i5-2410M @ 2.30GHz: Leap 15.0; plasma 5.13.3; KDEframework 5.48.0; KDE5application 18.04.3; kernel 4.12.14-lp150.12.4-default; nvidia drivers.
I upgraded from leap 42.3 (where kwin5-fx-beclock worked) to leap 15.0 and take kwin5-fx-beclock (version 0.0git.1493841586.5659c9f-lp150.39.2) from the wolfi repo for leap 15 ( and it doesn’t works.
from the same repo also amor5 doesn’t works, I installed both amor and amor5 (is it correct to install both?) and it works.
how can I have a working kwin5-fx-beclock so to continue to live and oxygen my lungs and allow my blood to flow in my veins???lol!