Kwin not working with Plasma?

I’ve just upgraded from Leap to Tumbleweed and am mostly enjoying myself. However, upon loading I found my workflow was damaged because none of my kwin shortcuts worked: most notably, changing virtual desktops and manipulating window menus. I verified that these shortcuts were set; eventually I debugged successfully to find that if I run “kwin” form a terminal (I think I had to do --replace as well, to take over window management), my functionality comes back, but I lose some of the prettiness of Plasma. Further, every reboot I will have to do something similar, as I’m not sure how to start kwin automatically or why it is behaving differently then it used to (it used to be omnipresent; I’m guessing plasma has stolen management from it?). Any suggestions? I know little about managing plasma and I definitely need my window-management and virtual desktop management from kwin. Shouldn’t they play nice together?