Kwin infinite loop 100% load

With three graphical logins one user’s backgroup kwin grabs 100% cpu. Messages from .xsession-errors-:1 are:

file:///usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids/notifier/contents/ui/devicenotifier.qml:224:13: QML QDeclarativeListView_QML_63: Bei der Fülloperation wurde eine potentielle Endlosschleife der Anker festgestellt.
... repeated 7 times

Endlosschleife=infinite loop. Any idea?

That’s irrelevant and not related to kwin at all. It’s coming from Plasma’s notification applet, it’s “normal” and shouldn’t cause such a problem.

Does the same happen if you disable desktop effects?
In recovery mode?

As it’s only happening for one user, maybe try to remove the user’s configuration (~/.kde4/share/config, or try to remove/rename the whole ~/.kde4).

I had already moved ~/.kde4, started with a pristine directory and still got 100% load after some time. Currently I have disabled desktop effects and wait. What does “recovery mode” mean?

recover is in the advanced boot option . it boot with simpler video drivers

Hm, when loggiing out from KDE I found some orphan mysqld, killed that, restored original .kde4, logged in again and tried the following:

akonadictl stop
nepomukctl stop
find . -name akonadi* -exec rm -r {} \;
find . -name nepomuk* -exec rm -r {} \;

Now load average is typically: 0,04, 0,26, 0,36 and some cpu 97.4% idle with other users having their servers still running.