KWin everytime something new (Bug)

In the following video show the error for best understanding:


Not seeing that here. What Video and driver???

Does it happen if you run Display and Monitor from Configure Desktop(systemsettings5)??

Also Is this an upgrade from KDE4 in any way since that may leave some KDE4 parts. It was hard to see exactly what you typed

Thank you for you answer, here is what you ask; and sorry i am new on linux.

Video Intel HD3000, Fresh Leap 42.2 Install KDE 5.8.3, Framework 5.26.0, QT 5.6.1, Kernel 4.4.46-11 Default, Intel i5 - 2430M, Ram: 6GB

Not happen from Configure Desktop

not is a upgrade from KDE5.

Ok maybe a bug since it is ok from Desktop settings. Most people would use Desktop settings to get to the monitor screen settings thus few or none would see the problem. Note that it may not be considered a problem since the program is designed to run from systemsettings5

Report on bugzilla but also maybe report on KDE bugzilla also

Thank you for you time, and help.