KWIN Cube caps KDE 4.1.1

I am not asking about compiz, so please no compiz solutions.

I am asking about KDE 4.1.1 and the cube effect.

The option to use cube caps exist in the desktop effects setting, however there is no way to select the image.

So my question is, how the hell do I ad an image to the cube caps in the cube effect settings?

if i had to guess probably not implamented yet

question though have you tryed the shere or cylinder? if so do they work for you?

The sphere and cylinder just makes round grey caps top and bottom, and the middle remains a cube.

Not very attractive is it :stuck_out_tongue: See link below.


OMG your right that don’t look good at all lol wow

It’s not bad. The round and square combination has the contrast that make it interesting in my opinion.:wink:

im kinda glad it don’t work on mine lol