kwin closed unexpectedly -when shutdown

i receive error kwin closed unexpectedly when i shutdown , is this serious thing?
thx all.

Well, if that only happens on shutdown, it’s not really serious I would say… :wink:
Maybe annoying, though.

I suppose it doesn’t block the shutdown, does it?
If not it would be difficult to debug/get a backtrace anyway. Though maybe coredumpctl would list it…

Does it happen on a fresh user account too?

it doesn’t block shutdown , it doesn’t appear with fresh user , any recommendation ?

Ok, so it’s no system problem, but rather something in your user account, some setting maybe (some custom window decoration or something like that).

Does renaming ~/.config/kwinrc help?

after renaming kwinrc one shutdown went ok , the second the error appeared again , i don’t know if this error has a relation with redshift , because the first time i didn’t use redshift between startup/shutdown.

redshift may indeed be the problem, I suppose.

Just for understanding: what exact incarnation of redshift are you using? I.e. where did you get it from, how did you install it?

The old applet may not work with current Plasma/kwin anymore, the new one (unreleased) is intended to be used with Plasma 5.12 only I think.

i used yast control center , software management , here is the version i use

do you suggest upgrading to tumbleweed?

i remember installing firefox 57 from unstable package
could it be the reason??

Ah, ok.
I was thinking about the plasmoid.

Well, have you tried to uninstall it?

I once had crashes here when trying out kolormanager/oyanus, which does color correction (that’s been a while ago, probably Leap 42.2, but maybe even 13.2). I would guess that redshift does similar things, but more restricted in purpose.

But if you don’t have crashes on the fresh user account, it seems to be related to some setting though. (or maybe redshift is not started at all there?)
So maybe try to delete all files/folders that contain “redshift” in ~/.config/ and ~/.local/share/ and see if it helps.

Not really.
Although the problem may be fixed in later versions if something.

I wouldn’t recommend switching for this particular reason though. Tumbleweed is rather different, it is a rolling distribution and updated all the time.
If you do want to try it, feel free to do so of course… :wink:

If you just want to try the latest Plasma/kwin versions, you could also add extra repos to your 42.3 system.

Firefox should not have any influence here.

i will use lxqt desktop for now , thanks man for trying .

… or, if it is not blocking shutdown (as mentioned earlier) and is causing no other problems other than just an error message, you could continue running Plasma and just ignore the message.