kwestion about NAGIOS on openSuse11

has anyone tried to install Nagios on opensuse

There are packages for nagios in OpenSUSE 11.0 so obviously at least the developers have built and installed it so you don’t have to build from scratch.

It’s been a while since I tangled with nagios, so I can’t offer much help. However there are several packages and you probably need more than just the base nagios package to do anything useful.

You might also want to consider other monitoring suites like Main Page - OpenNMS

  • kcampilan wrote, On 08/15/2008 09:26 AM:
    > has anyone tried to install Nagios on opensuse

Yep, it is pretty straight forward.


wow nice
…thanks sir…about monitoring other machines…whr can i find some documentations…


hi sir

does this built in nagios on suse support monitoring other machines or just it self…???

coz there a Nagios Enterprise…i assume this is for monitoring other machines…but correct me if im wrong…

thanks all

It can monitor other machines but you have to write the scripts to probe the other machines.

Enterprise probably means supported, for money.

From what I recall there are some ready made scripts for most of the common IP services, plus of course ping. You then have to define the services and the machine groups. It takes a bit of time to get everything set up in an enterprise. Don’t expect it to work out of the box just like that. There are various tutorials on the net that should be able to help you, I’m sure some will be linked to from the Nagios: Home, for example Quickstart Installation Guides

You may be better of to look at using Centreon
which uses the nagios core.

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ah okies…thanks for the info sir…am truying this out…thanks agaiin

okies…ill check this out

I’d like to recommend one of the third party web frontends that enhance Nagios.

My preference is Groundworkopensource which vastly streamlines configuration/creation and comes with a vast array of pre-made checks, plus a large number of custom reports and graphs of Nagios data.

In fact, I’ve just completed creating a VMware VM with the latest version of Groundwork on OpenSuSE 11, and will test for a few days before officially making it available as a free torrent download (expectation in a few days).

Look for an announcement within a few days at

wow thanks , sir… can i ask where can i locate nagios.cfg.its nt in /usr/…coz i cant find it…to start my journey to confgre nagios as a monitring server for a mixed os …unix.linux…enviroment…windows…i really just cant find it guys

In general,

When an installation isn’t where I expected and the app is from an RPM installed through YAST,

I simply re-run YAST/Software Management, locate the RPM that was installed and inspect the files that were installed. The full path to those files will also be listed.

If you’ve installed a third party version of Nagios, Nagios is frequently re-located.

  • tsu2,
    I still use “locate” to locate stuff.


its already pre installed in opensuse 11

i just cant find nagios.cfg…

a little help pls

  • kcampilan wrote, On 08/19/2008 02:46 AM:
    > its already pre installed in opensuse 11
    > i just cant find nagios.cfg…



have a look here : Installing Nagios on openSUSE 11.0