I installed kdetoys3, which contains kweather. How can I access KWeather now? It doesn’t show up in applications and I can’t seem to launch it in any way.

I really wish there was a widget or some external app as good as 1-ClickWeather that’s not tied to bulky Firefox…

Moving it up.

> Moving it up.

so, i’d never heard of kdetoys before (or maybe i had and forgot it
years ago)…anyhow, i installed it with YaST and then (like you i
guess) couldn’t find any helpful help files or documentation which
jumped out at me…nor could i find kweather (or kdetoys) in my menu…

so, after a while (instead of waiting for someone to answer you) i
started experimenting and finally found if i right clicked on a panel
to get the list of adds available, then on “add applet” i found a new
weather applet, added it to my panel, configured it and it works (all
without any visible documentation)…

live a little: experiment (carefully, so you can undo anything you
mess up)…it is part of the fun of Linux.

have lots of fun!!


I managed to get it added to Kontakt somehow, but forgot the details. It is a bit try and error.

You can look into it

HOW TO: Get KWeather Panel Applet Working -