I was having some probs with kwallet only sometimes handling log-on to kmail, so I looked in YAST and found a newer one…

I now have TWO kwallet managers.How do I uninstall the older one, I can only find the newer in YAST…

Check carefully. As there are various naming policies in place in 11.1
kwallet for kde3

I see you are using kde3. So when you say you added a newer one, where from?

Lawks! That took some time and brainache!
After a bit of head scratching and random greppery and kdsu-ing and su -c and etc etc, I eventually logged in as root and found this entry in var/log/YaST2(locked)/y2log

2009-10-19 15:36:27 <1> linux-oqc9(6338) [zypp++] URL:

I use kde 3.5.1 but have libraries etc installed so I can use kde 4.x apps
As I say I now have two kwallets, but they seem not to “talk” to each other. my uninformed guess is that the first was installed from the DVD on original install, which is no longer a repo (???), so does not show up in YAST (???)
The first kwallet, 1.1 is working now, but I suppose I may as well use the newer, kde4 version, but I don’t now how to uninstall the older one, or to tell the system that the kde4 version should take over…

I think you need to go to auto start and ban the one you don’t use, isn’t it integrated rather than being a separate app.

You mean that it is a part of kde and not a discete app?
I can’t find autostart in yast or kde settings.
my ~/.kde/Autostart is empty
as is ~/kde4/Autostart…

So you are in kde3 login - yes.
What about the control centre?

I used the kde4 equivalent to set this sort of thing

cd /usr/share/kde4/apps/kwalletd

mv kwalletd.notifyrc kwalletd.notifyrc.rekcufeid

cd /usr/share/kde4/apps/kwalletmanager

mv kwalletmanager.rc kwalletmanager.rc.rekcufeid

cd /usr/lib64/kde4



Ellis I am sorry but i did not really understand your post, why you are renaming? Is this just your way of telling me that you think kwallet is rubbish and don’t want to use it?