kwallet still work after deleting

Hi guys,

I deleted kwalletmanager, but why it still appear for example when i use kopete or connect to wireless.
And I still can see the process kwalletd is running? What’s kwalletd? I cannot search with zypper for kwalletd.

So how can I fully delete kwallet from my OpenSUSE 12.2, KDE 4.9?


Don’t delete it, it might reinstall as a dependency. Just disable the wallet, and it won’t show up anymore.

In my KDE 4.8.5 kwalletd comes from the package kdebase4-runtime.
I guess that deinsalling that will cripple one’s KDE experience considarably.

(Simply found with YaST > Softeware > Sofoware management and then kwalletd in the Search field and check “RMP provides”.)

Thanks for your replyings.

I’ve just disabled kwallet.