KWallet settings - permission denied


I have bumped into this before, really want to resolve this now though.
Latest KDE4 with openSUSE 13.1 (same with 13.2): whenever I want to change the behaviour of KWallet, say untick ‘close when last app using it’ I get prompted for a password; whatever password I provide here, kwallet (blowfish), root, user, nothing will do; I will receive a message telling me something like ‘system security practise will not permit changes …’.

I have read several bug reports, forum threads etc related to similar issues, but could not find a clear and unambiguous answer to this.
Would appreciate some input on this.


I think it wants your user login password (the one you use to login to KDE). But it never explains what it is asking for.

The way I deal with kwallet is provide blank password first time I configure it. Of course it’s not a good idea if you store any relevant passwords there but for me it just stores WiFi passwords.
You might want to try reset kwallet settings depending on how important the passwords stored there are for you :