Kwallet plugin for mozilla. Is it real?

Is there a way to use kwallet from modern mozilla (firefox and thunderbird) ?
I need to keep a lot of passwords in one database for my emails, web-accounts. (firstly for firefox and thunderbird)

Years ago there was one for FF, but I have not heard of it for almost as many years. Thus I assume it is discontinued.

Very sorry to hear that.

Yes. I use now two password managers. KWallet for everything inside KDE (like Kmail accounts) and FF for all web-sites. Two master passwords to enter :frowning_face:.

But OTOH when one is cracked the other still holds (when using different passwords for the two). Always be on the positive site.

As an aside, there is also available KEEPASSXC to manage a password “database” with a Firefox plugin for same. has been working well for me.

Thank you! I’ll trying