kwallet in 12.3 - i struggle with the most unwanted part of Linux

kwallet in 12.3 - i struggle with the most unwanted part of Linux how can i switch off this note: each time i start the system then i get asked for passwd. believe it or not: after entering passwd. in the kwalllet - the wlan-connection fails - but only after this procedure. so i want to switch of kwallet - i do not need it how to do that!?

System Tray / KDE Wallet Manager / Settings / Configure KWallet and on Wallet Preferences UnCheck “Enable the KDE wallet subsystem”.

Press Apply and then OK and it should be gone.

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hello dear James now it works like a charme many many thanks greetings

Very Happy to help dilbertone.

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Out of place, but I really like KWallet;)

On 05/15/2013 01:16 AM, F Sauce wrote:
> Out of place, but I really like KWallet;)

not at all out of place! i can’t imagine one who would label such a
wonderful gift as KWallet as “the most unwanted part of Linux”…

Preposterous!! (but i’m happy if ‘dilbertone’ deletes his/hers and i
can KEEP mine!


Ha ha:)


I have the same problem. If I want to keep kwallet how would I fix it?

What do you want to fix? KWallet’s password request?
You can set an empty password, then you won’t get asked.

Open KWalletManager from the application launcher (System->Security), search for its icon in the systray (may be hidden) and click on it, then right-click on your wallet and select “Change Password”.

Can I jump into this thread without making everyone angry ?

I have openSUSE installed on a test machine for about 4 days now, and kWallet keeps popping up.
The thing is, that I want it for one specific app, KMyMoney and nothing else.

Can I do that ?


Could you be more specific, please?
WHAT exactly keeps popping up? Are you sure it is KWallet, or just some program using it like NetworkManager?

Maybe post a screenshot.

If you give your wallet an empty password it should never ask for one, as I already wrote just before you jumped in…