KWallet doesn't work well in Chromium

OpenSuSE 13.2

Why does KWallet work poorly with Chromium, and work well with Firefox?

Chromium was the browser I used most often, but the way KWallet works (or doesn’t work) with it might drive me back to Firefox.

In Chromium, Kwallet wants me to enter the master password every time I visit a page with a log in. In Firefox, I am asked for the master password only if it is a page in my saved password list. Which is more sensible?

I also notice that Kwallet tends to forget password settings for Chromium. I might tell it to never save a password for a particular page, and it might offer to remember that password again a week later.

I have a suspicion, but have not done the work to prove, that Chromium, Kwallet, and AdBlock Plus do not work well together. When I had a previous edition of OpenSuSE, I suspected not giving Kwallet the master password could cause the AdBlock plus files to be corrupted.

Can someone get Chromium and Kwallet to work well together?

Configure Desktop –> Account Details –> Kwallet
and uncheck the box “close when the last application stops using it”.

After that, Kwallet should stay open until you logout so you won’t be asked for the password again.