KVM switch/Cable - Laptop


I recently got a KVM and I want to use it with my laptop. My question is, does anyone know if there is a way to shut off the laptop’s display while I already have everything on my primary monitor? I’m not quite sue the specs one would need to help answer, but the laptop is a toshiba satellite m45-s265, running simply 11.2-gnome.

Thanks in advance,


Usually there’s a function key on the laptop that cycles between primary, secondary and both displays. Try it.

I thought Of that, can’t find that anywhere ( website, manual, etc), any idea what it may be, or even where I can find it?


Model dependent. Maybe it can’t be done or it has to be done in (Windows?) software. Sorry, I don’t know anything about your laptop.

Hey thank anyway, like I said I already tried to find that key…


Dependent on your hardware and dependent on your graphic driver, when driving an external display (in this case via the kvm) it may be possible to do this via xrandr. But with xrandr I suspect both the switch ON and OFF will always be manual.

not really sure what xrandir is. Is it worth persuing, as opposed to the function key? still haven’t found what that is for a toshiba satellite laptop btw…