KVM Share Folder Between Win 10 Guest & Host?!?

Something to do with Samba right? Have guest IP…

Lost?!? Much?!? What arcane wizardry is this? Pointers please.

In virtual manager, add ‘virtual hardware’ then filesystems, add the directory you want to share…

Yes indeedy. Went down Samba blind alley, can’t see the wood for the trees! Must think before opening my big mouth to bother you with my question insteada researching the **** outa it proper. Google, as ever, is our friend. Something my IT literate cousins would quote. But thanks for putting me on correct path. Loving it.

Does it work for Windows? Last time the question came up I was not able to find 9p driver for Windows and quick search now does not show one either. Unless this creates SMB share under the hood.

DOH!!! Ran this command in host not guest;

# mkdir /tmp/host_files
# mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L hostshare /tmp/host_files

Now networking in VMs is screwed. Snapper rollback only works for root right?

Inplace upgrade of Virt Manager package fixes networking, will be more careful next time. Women & computers do not mix as both require your full attention! It is impossible to concentrate on two things at once.

Oftentimes you will want a way to share files between HostOS and Guest that doesn’t require a working networking connection.
Or, You don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting up a SAMBA server.



When you specify the Plan9 protocol (9p) you’re not actually going through the normal networking stack. The Plan9 protocol is somewhat special in that it is generally implemented as a side channel. For more information about this, one quick source

So, it shouldn’t affect regular TCP/IP networking… If you’re experiencing networking problems with other Guests or machines, then it’s something else.

In any case, if you’re still experiencing problems, I recommend you re-make your HostOS shared directory configuration according to the link I posted in the previous post.



Been many years since I’ve deployed a Windows Guest on KVM virtualization.
IIRC and if nothing has changed, the shared folder should automatically appear as a Network Share (but in its own tree, not with other network shares). I don’t know if that means that it suggests actual SMB share conversion, only that it <appears> like an SMB share but because it’s not remotely accessible I’d guess that it’s not a true SMB share.

BTW - Because this is a Virtualization configuration and doesn’t actually pass through the Networking stack, you’ll find this discussed often in the Virtualization Forum, and hardly ever in this forum.


I will peruse info when get a spare minute.