kvm ps2 mouse and opensuse 13.1 vs 12.1


I have 2 computers going through a dlink kvm-121 kvm switch.
The connections into the kvm are ps2
the mouse is a microsoft wireless optical mouse 2.0 (model 1008) (using a usb to ps2 adapter)

computer 1 is opensuse 12.1 and the wheel mouse works fine. Scrolling with the wheel works fine.
computer 2 is opensuse 13.1 and the wheel is not functional. Scrolling with the wheel has NO RESPONSE.

I am using a kde environment in both computers

if I get rid of the kvm switch and plug the mouse directly into the opensuse 13.1 box the wheel/scroll function works as expected.

what would be the reason for this?
is there a better way to control 2 computers with 1 keyboard / 1 mouse?
Sorry but I have been out of the loop for a while and recently purchased a new pc…once that pc is setup correctly, there is rarely any problems…

Thank you for your time

I have had problems with KVM switches, Apparently on some you can not get a good reading on what the mouse is. I depends on brand and model. You can force things in the xorg.conf file but the settings there are more magic then science in my experience. I gave up and just used 2 mice direct connected/ Still switch the K and the V