KVM network probs

after updating from 13.2 to 42.1 my 3 KVM virtual machines have no network access anymore. Bridge device and vnet devices are available. No changes were made to system configuration, Any hints where to look at?


Probably the change back to persistent (ethX, wlanX) naming of interfaces?

Fire up YaST and delete/recreate you bridge devices and re-add back into the KVM’s via virt-manager.

Start with the standard process of gathering information, and from that you should be able to infer what has changed and needs to be fixed.

On both the Host and each Guest

ip addr
ip route

Assume you’re running libvirt, open your vm manager and review the characteristics of each virtual network, what are their address spaces? Do they bridge or NAT or Host-only, bridge to the physical network or something else?

Are you guests DHCP clients or static addresses? If DHCP clients, are they really connecting to a virtual network with DHCP services available?

If you need help analyzing the information you’ve gathered, just post and we’ll have a look.

Not totally eliminating the idea of changed interface naming conventions, but those typically are specific only to internal services(not relevant to external services). If you’ve configured for centralized network management using DHCP clients and reserved leases (instead of static address configuration), I’m not sure that interface naming would be an issue.


It seems to be a wicked/network problem:

wicked --debug ifconfig ifup all

wicked: br0: configuration applied to nanny
wicked: eth0: configuration applied to nanny
wicked: lo: configuration applied to nanny
wicked: Interface wait time reached
lo up
eth0 up
br0 setup-in-progress
vnet0 enslaved


Does that info suggest a solution?
An easy resolution…
Assuming your’re running libvirt,
Using vm manager, create a new virtual network using its wizard.
The new id (linux bridging device) is probably named by default (unless you specified something different) virbr0.
Then, set your Guest properties to connect to this LBD and everything should work as before.