KVM guests - one to one nat

Hi experts,

I have the following setup:
Opensuse 12.1 64-bit running libvirtd. One network interface eth0 having 5 IP’s: 192.168.x.10 - 192.168.x.14

Guests are created with virt-manager and connected to an isolated virtual network, net01; virtual interface is virbr0 with IP:

External interface: eth0
Internal interface: virbr0

One to one NAT is done using shorewall from IP 192.168.x.11 ->, 192.168.x.12 -> and so on.

The problem:
Hairpin NAT (routeback NAT) not working; e.g. connecting from to 192.168.x.11 is not working.

Connections from to any other NAT-ed IP is working; e.g. ping -> 192.168.x.12 or telnet from to 192.168.x.12 any_port.

Same configuration is working in Ubuntu 10.04 with kernel 2.6.32-38

I assume it is a kernel parameter in OpenSuse that blockes the connection, but I couldn’t find it.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.