kupdateapplet-zypper missing in 11.3rc?

No kupdateapplet-zypper in repos or in config dialog, will it be returning? Does it matter? Is packagekit backend functionally the same?

From 11.3

kernelcruncher@kernel-cruncher:~> rpm -q kupdateapplet
kernelcruncher@kernel-cruncher:~> rpm -q zypper

I get the above

no, that not what I’m asking - in 11.2 there were 2 backends available for kupdateapplet, zypper and packagekit. They were installed from the rpms kupdateapplet-zypper and kupdateapplet-packagekit. Now only one is available

Sorry. I see.
Yes, I seems to recall something. But I have to sleep now. See you on the other side :slight_smile:

Yes I notice the same thing too - the zypper backend for kde update applet seems to be missing or may be part of another different RPM.

Also, customizing splash images for GRUB2 is easier than the legacy GRUB

The package is in Index of /repositories/YaST:/Head/openSUSE_11.3 , but not in the standard repos. Wondering why …

The version of kupdateapplet in this repo seems to be quite old - 0.9.9-1.1 whereas the one in my 11.3 installation seems to be 0.9.17-1.5

and what is the “Head” repo?

My guess is, it’s a tag/label of one of the RC versions…