kupdate applet problems


My kupdate-applet tells me it has a recommended update: KDE 4.3.5 from the official opensuse update repo. Problem is I already have a more recent version of KDE 4.3.5 installed from the official opensuse KDE repo. In yast I pressed the “switch system packages” button for the KDE repo.

How can I make the update applet ignore this “recommended” update?

Note that the updateApplet itself is installed from the opensuse update repo. If I don’t do this, then the older update applet from the KDE repo always has a recommended update for… Kupdate-applet.

How can this circle be broken?

  • suskewiet,

try and give your additional KDE repos a higher priority in Yast.


Unfortunately that didn’t help. It still shows an update for KDE 4.3.5 from the opensuse repo…