Kubic: The package `mdadm` is required to install, but not available, cannot proceed with install


I was attempting to install Kubic the other day. The computer had 4 hard drives, 3 of which are already configured in a RAID 5 array. I was planning to install Kubic on the 4th hard drive. I configured the installer to use the 4th hard drive, and didn’t even choose options to do anything with the other 3 disks. As I reviewed the installation summary, before installing, there is a red warning message saying that I needed to install mdadm. So I checked out the software selection, and mdadm is not available to install. Since that depency is required (it shouldn’t be required since I wasn’t installing to the raid array), I was not able to proceed with the install.

I wonder if the Kubic installation ISO just needs mdadm added to the repo in the ISO?