Kubic installation stopper

What is the use of Kubic Tumbleweed when one cannot install it and evaluate it as a platform?
As an ordinary openSUSE user I don’t have and cannot provide a registration code. By the way - will Kubic be available to ordinary users as Fedora Atomic is, or is it intended to SLES users only?
Is it so difficult for SUSE to provide some trial code or to skip this step in the installation?

This post should be in “Installation” not Virtualization…

Kubic can be installed without a registration key.
I’ve personally speculated that the registration key “requirement” is an artifact deriving from Kubic as the FOSS version of the SLES CASS project.

Just proceed installing but leave the registration key blank.
You may have to be sure your networking is configured correctly (on the same screen).

Kubic is a very new, bleeding edge project at the moment… It went public only about a month ago.


Oh, sorry to place this install topic in the Virtualization subforum.
However I try to install Kubic as a KVM guest, in a Tumbleweed host.
No success whatever I do and whatever configurations I try.
I give up, to me the installation process is buggy.
I guess I will stay with the atomic guests instead for the time being.

Kubic is so new, bugs are almost to be expected.
Submit bugs to https://bugzilla.opensuse.org

I haven’t tested the most recent Kubic images, the Aug04 2017 snapshot installed fine for me.
Also, note that there will generally be not only the current “main” ISO, there will also often be a “snapshot” ISO which can contain changes since the last TW release.

I don’t know how you’re finding your ISOs, but instead of any website links I highly recommend browsing the TW repo.
If the “current” ISO doesn’t work, try the snapshot