Kubeadm init fails with unsupported control plane version

Hi yall,
when creating a cluster using kubeadm init, kubeadm will will with the following output:

I0520 01:13:37.248911    9950 kubelet.go:196] the value of KubeletConfiguration.cgroupDriver is empty; setting it to "systemd"
I0520 01:13:37.256342    9950 version.go:187] fetching Kubernetes version from URL: https://kubic.opensuse.org/release/stable-1.txt
this version of kubeadm only supports deploying clusters with the control plane version >= 1.26.0. Current version: v1.23.4
<go stacktrace>

When following the kubic URL one will see 1.23.4. Is there some way to bootstrap a cluster on tumbleweed?

@exng Hi the Kubic project is dead… https://kubic.opensuse.org/

Do you need a cluster, or is one node ok for your requirements, if so I’d suggest Rancher-Desktop, I use it here on Tumbleweed.
RPM from https://mirrorcache-us.opensuse.org/repositories/isv:/Rancher:/stable/rpm/x86_64/ (the Leap rpm works fine)

However I just deploy via k3s onto vm’s or bare-metal via curl.

Yeah i am currently testing k3s, sadly it quiet disappointing the kubernetes packages are still in the repos and are being updated. But thanks for the heads up!