KTTS - alternate voices

Please help. It is not an anti-American thing but I would like to hear my text spoken in English-English. From my research the diphone files were first researched and created at Edinburgh University so this should be possible. Scottish accented English would be just as much fun! I have downloaded the rab-diphone festival files and the required support files in the README but nothing works so I went back to kal_diphone (default). It is all working so well done to everyone involved - I just want to play a bit.

OS: Linux i686
System: openSUSE 11.1 (i586)
KDE: KDE 4.1.3 “release 4.10.4”


is it not just a mather of finding the right synthesis engines as listed here:

KDE Accessibility - KTTS - KDE Text-to-Speech System

Festival does American English, British, Spanish, German, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Italian, French Canadian, Vietnamese, Kiswahili, Zulu, and Ibibio

I have read every word of the link you posted - that is not my issue. But thanks for including it in case I had not, and it may also be useful for anyone else who may stumble across this thread.

My problem is that loading another “voice” caused the default kal_ to stop working so my PC became mute (even the Test button failed to produce a sound in kttsd). It is not a big issue, but I would like to have the choice of other voices. The fact that a document/clipboard item can be spoken is already pretty fantastic. I find it a really useful “proof-reading” facility.