Ktorrent 5.1.0-2.1

After my last reboot, Ktorrent is not working/working properly and I’m at a loss to figure it out

It appears to start up normally, but the gui is frozen, and no torrents actually seem to connect.

The output in Terminal looks ok to me and it says that my torrents are starting (though none do), except that it can’t read the RSS feed it is supposed to (by all accounts the feed is working) and the final line on startup is “Failed to suppress sleeping”. Then there is a very slow building list of connections that I don’t believe are actually/properly connecting, as my Torrent site said I was unconnectable…

I am not certain what to do or even where to start as there is no error message to point me in the right direction and Googling has not produced anything.

I could sure use some advice.

Delete configuration files between hidden files

Thank you.
That worked.

FYI, the file in question was ~/.config/ktorrentrc