ktorrent stops seeding after download finishes


After I finish a download in ktorrent, the torrent stops seeding. I can’t figure out why this is happening, so I’m hoping someone might have an idea.

A couple of notes: my download speeds are fantastic (~6mb/s), while my seeding during download is about 60kb/s. However, this seed speed seems to fluctuate a lot from about 3kb/s. Once the download completes, the seed goes to 0kb/s, and the torrent doesn’t find as many leachers. For now, after I finish downloading, I re-download a portion of my download at a limited rate of 1kb/s so that the seed continues.

Lastly, I am currently running through a VPN server, however I this issue happens even if I’m running a normal connection.

Any advice would be great!


Have a look at Settings > Configure Ktorrent > Queue Manager

The bit that says ‘Keep seeding after download is finished’ should have a tick in the box, if not, click on the box to put a tick in there

That would have been nice if it was the problem, however I do have it ticked and still the downloads stop seeding after they’re finished.