KTorrent not working after update

I just ran an update on my opensuse 12.2 KDE system and now I find that KTorrent no longer downloads torrents.

Before this it was a simple matter of downloading the torrent file and adding it to KTorrent. But now it is not working.

There was an update to the Opensuse firewall when I updated the system. I am pretty sure this might have changed some settings.

Can anyone help me out with figuring out this.


“not working” is a little vague.
Do you mean that torrent files are not connecting to any peers?

Have you opened ports in your firewall (tcp and udp)?
Are you connecting to the internet via a router? If so, have you forwarded some ports? Does your router support upnp? Enable that in ktorrent.

Did you try and install something like Transmission software.opensuse.org: and check whether torrents work in it ?

IMHO qbittorrent is nicer than transmission and ktorrent but as already advised please explain what do you mean by not working :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys.

I meant that none of the torrents were downloading. I enabled the TCP and UDP ports and it started working again.

I wonder why I did not have to do this when I installed OpenSUSE but now have to do it after the update. Knowledge on this will be helpful.

Disable the ports again and look into firewall logs (you need to enable firewall logging using YaST).

Other than that I’ve read somewhere that Ktorrent version shipped with openSUSE is crippled by default for some legal reasons I believe.
Note : official SUSE packages for ktorrent >= 2.0 are crippled, SUSE disables DHT functionality for legal reasons (see https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=205390)

Other than this you might want to check you upnp settings. Maybe something changed there with the upgrade.

Last entry in that Bug Report is that a version available through the Build Service (and presumably soon if not already mainstream) DHT is enabled. No link in the Bug, but perhaps available through usual (eg software.opensuse.org)

Curious what the basis for the original legal advice was…


opening the ports and posting on public forums that you have done the same is an open invitation to take over your system . In worst case your system will be further used as a base camp for launching attacks against other machines.

Well, probably not.
Exploit can happen only if your machine is vulnerable, ie the torrent app itself which is using that port might have bad code.

But, IMO your machine is no more vulnerable or attract attention by opening an inbound port for a torrent app. Unless you’re connecting through a proxy your machine’s IP address is publicly advertised anyway so people know who you are and if they want can/will scan you for any open port(s).