Ktorrent kills Network Manager

Hi all.
I had a good, working SuSE 11 system until I started using ktorrent. Now, at least once a day, my wireless connection gets killed dead - I mean, there’s NO WAY of restoring it. The Network Manager icon stubbornly remains grey (instead of green). Sometimes a reboot will help, but other times the only way to get wireless working again is to actually delete the connection in YAST and set up a new wireless connection. The wireless router keeps working just fine (am always able to check it from the other machine which is running WinXP) - it’s just my SuSE wireless connection that gets nuked.
Any other users having this problem? My system:
HP Compaq 6715b
Broadcom wlan BCM4328
ndiswrapper wlan driver
Suse 11.0
Kde 3.5
Presumably, ktorrent is the culprit. I should think this problem is rather common?
Ktorrent is running with only 10 half-open connections (the bare minimum) and only 50 overall (global) connections and downloading no more than 1 torrent at a time and with bandwidth limited to only HALF of my actual DSL bandwidth (512/64 vs. 1024/128).
Thx in advance.

Update.I further reduced Max Connections per Torrent to 6 (yes, six) and Max Overall (Global) Connections to barely 20 (!!!), but the problem persists. I even disabled the uPNP plugin and also my router’s uPNP (forwarded the ports manually), but still no go. I’m at a loss here.
As a sidenote: whenever I log out and log in again, kTorrent won’t start. The mouse cursor gets busy for several seconds, then the kTorrent icon (light blue down arrow) appears in the notification area for a split second and immediately disappears again. The only way I can make the program run again is by temporarily moving the entire contents of my home/.kde4/share/apps/ktorrent folder, then starting kTorrent (it starts now, but obviously with an empty “Downloads” window), then shutting it down again, then restoring the contents of the folder, and finally restarting kTorrent. This generally does not happen if I simply close and then restart the program. It only happens when I log out (or reboot) without previously shutting down kTorrent. A major pain in the neck. Don’t tell me nobody else has this problem(s)? Anybody?

Update again.
If I launch kTorrent from the konsole, I generally get:
X error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 20 (X_GetProperty)
Resource id: 0x10000f3
Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it works, but the above error is always there… Anyone can make any sense out of this?:stuck_out_tongue:

I had an occurence once where I was heavily downloading with bittorent (ktorrent) on a wired PC, and had my wife’s PC heavily downloading/installing via zypper (plus backing up to the network) via wireless.

I was trying out different things on IRC freenode (with multiple chat sessions on different PCs) and our family router found that these specific circumstances met those of a Denial of Service (DOS) attack (in its determination algorithm) and it promptly shut the wireless access our network down to my wife’s PC! :frowning:

I had to restart the router, and then the darn thing happened again. Finally I shut every thing down (as it was past midnight, and I thought maybe some hacker had singled me out for an evening of fun for them) and I tried the next morning. Of course the next morning I had a different configuration, and the router did not draw a mis-conclusion and everything worked fine.

When I posted about this occurrence (posting my router logs) some of the more knowledgeable users on our forum noted it highly unlikely to be a DOS, but more likely to be a router misconfiguration (or a garbage router, which is likely true).

I guess the point of my long winded story, is could this be a bad router configuration and not ktorrent nor network manager?

I’m not a network guru, but you could search your router’s logs to see what it states as its reason for the network hiccup (if it gives any reasons, that is).

Reference my previous comments, is it possible you miconfigured your ktorrent, in a mistaken diagnosis ? Could it be by your removing ktorrent and removing its configuration files (from /home/.kde4/share/apps/ktorrent ) you solved the mistaken setup that you applied previous, and that you perhaps are always manually reapplying it in your efforts to tune ktorrent ?

Thanx for replying. You might have a point there, about my router being crappy (it’s a “Pre-N” Belkin). In addition, there’s my brother in law connected to the same router, downloading 24/7 from torrent, kademlia and other networks. There’s lots of presumed “DOS attacks” in my router’s log, but it’s just a very rudimental log, it contains no specifics, so it’s extremely hard to debug. As for your other suggestion (me reapplying wrong ktorrent settings over and over again), I should specify that the first time the problem occurred, ktorrent simply wouldn’t start, no matter why. It was for that reason that I tried to move the contents of its folder elsewhere, in a pathetic attempt to make it use its default values. Surprisingly, it worked; ktorrent started again. Now, if I knew how to reset ktorrent to its default values without doing all this, I would promptly do it. The problem is, I don’t know how to do that. There’s only one thing I know for sure: ktorrent must keep its setting in another location as well, as it “remembers” some of them (such as the port number to use, the number of connections to se tup etc.) even after its folder has been wiped out. Thanx a bunch for your reply again, it got me thinking a lot:)
Any more ideas? Anyone?

Indeed! I was fortunate that I checked the router logs immediately upon having the problem (with wireless disconnecting) and the time of the router thinking there was a DOS problem correlated with my problem. Try a time correlation.

In case you are curious, here is my posting on this when I first encountered this hiccup (and I mis-diagnosed my problem as some hacker’s attempt):
Attempt made to hack my home WLAN (I think) - openSUSE Forums

Update. Seeing this thread has had many readers, I thought I’d post my feedback. The problems went away by installing a newer version of ktorrent (selecting the packman version in YAST instead of the default Suse mainline). Well, for now at least. The fact is I’m still keeping my ktorrent settings down down down to a minimum, so I don’t know how it would behave if I raised the settinggs to the ktorrent defaults. And I’m not doing that any time soon in fear of breaking anything. No more than a torrent a day may keep ktorrent at bay…:wink:
Oh, by the way: I found that the Azureus wiki has everything ktorrent lacks (faq- and help- wise). So if you want to learn more about failing routers, bad seeders, good torrents, NAT traversal and uPNP, the Azureus wiki is definitely a place to check out.
Main Page - AzureusWiki

Well this problem is probably not to do with a bad router as I have the same problem (more or less) and I have no router so connected directly to the network socket in the wall.

But it’s beeping annoying, everything worked fine when before I upgraded to OpenSuse 11.1, I had Kubuntu 7.10 before this and there everything went smoothly, I tried to upgrade to kubuntu 8.04/8.10 but I went back to 7.10 due to this very problem (among other things). But this time I plan on trying a bit harder to get this to work… But as I’m a complete lamer when it comes to linux I welcome all help I can get