Ktorrent d`not magnet via rss

Basically ,Ktorrent do not download magnet via rss., even if i make this manually
The message is here http://wstaw.org/m/2014/06/11/26.png
This problem i have from a long time 1 year or more.
I ask for help several times, here and in KDE -ktorrent forums ,But nothing…

I have 2 computers whit same problem!

  1. The magnet link may not be constructed properly (It happens, people sometimes post links that don’t work)
  2. If the magnet link is to a valid and legal file, you should post here so people can inspect it. Pls do not post a link to files that may be illegally shared.
  3. is this the only rss magnet link you have had a problem with? Have any other similar links worked?
  4. Although it should not make a difference, have you tried any magnet links without using rss?
  5. Are you running an older version of ktorrent? - You should run the following to update your apps to latest available versions
zypper up
  1. Consider that this may just be an invalid magnet link. The Piratebay nowadays encodes their links and otherwise obfuscates or sets custom strings to make it less obvious to a casual observer what you’re connecting to. So, for instance try finding a magnet link from another source for the same file to see if that makes a diff.


@tsu2 ,Thanks for the reply!
1.This is done with each magnet link!
4.If I use the browser, then no problem.But if I try to manually download magnet link that is RSS feed or automatically then does not work.
5.My system is up to date

I think that the problem is ktorrent,but please try to just start any magnet link which is used as an RSS feed in ktorent.

Don’t quite understand what you are saying. If you use an RSS feed, there are several moving parts. The simplest way to import a magnet link (if it’s not already associated with your torrent app) is to

  • Open the web page for your torrent
  • Rt-click on the magnet link, select “Copy” or “Copy URL” depending on the browser
  • Open the “Add Torrent” dialog in your torrent app. Sometimes there will be different functions to add a torrent by torrentfile, URL or magnet ut oftentimes it won’t matter
  • Paste. The magnet link in your memory’s clipboard should paste into the input dialog box.
  • Click “OK” to accept.
  • If the magnet link is accepted and valid, a dialog should open describing what was found once your system has connected to a system which has that torrent file and downloaded to your system.
  • If all looks correct, then accept.

Sometimes the URL might not be parsed correctly from the RSS feed, this manual method avoids any glitches associated with RSS.


If you want to use syndication,it does not work.I want to use the full capabilities of Ktorrent.
I know I can make it through the web browser, but this feature, syndication does not work for Ktorent for 2 years already!

And I think it is open SUSE problem.

I personally haven’t used RSS, I know some people would find it convenient to access similar content when it is updated but for my own use is “too chatty” and prefer a more focused search.

The first step to fixing a problem you believe exists is to report it, and for openSUSE it would be at

Try to be excruciatingly detailed so that the problem can be re-produced. Be sure to include the versions for
The distro (openSUSE)
The Desktop (KDE)
The app (ktorrent)
The rss link which isn’t working for you (although it’s no guarantee the problem will be fixed before the feed is no longer active)… Although I would guess if there is a problem it should be easily resolved since AFAIK ktorrent has no problem parsing URLs in general.

In fact, I would a workaround would be to simply create a webpage bookmark for the RSS feed… When you visit the page in a web browser and assuming ktorrent is your configured default torrent app, you should be able to just click on the link and ktorrent should automatically open and import the link and download the desired torrent file.


Good luck,

It is true that English is not my language but I think it clearly explained that in the browser no problem. Any link be download without a problem, magnet and torrent.
Ktorrent does not recognize magnet links when loading from the filter of RSS.

Hello Nikolai,

Anything described as a “workaround” is not a “proper solution.” A workaround acknowledges that a problem may exist which may either be difficult or at the moment unsolvable.

Workarounds are intended to be practical near-term solutions that simply enable a “near experience” of a solution while a proper solution is awaited upon.

But, repeating an important part of my prior post, if a problem (any type of problem!) is not submitted as a bug, then no one in a position to actually fix the issue likely will know about it and possible fix. People who fix programs which require more work do not necessarily frequent these forums (They’re working on more difficult problems than usually show up here).


Thanks for the replies, I’ll try to bugzila