KTelepathy and SIP/audio call/video call ?

Does KTelepathy (KTP) currently support audio or video calls in version 15.12.3?

When I go to System Settings > Personalization > Online accounts, I do not see any facility for configuring SIP accounts.

When I am using KTP for chatting with a Jabber account, the icons in the chat toolbar for Audio Call and Video Call are greyed out.

I am using openSUSE Leap 42.1 for 64-bit.
the openSUSE telepathy-kde meta-package is installed, so I expect all the necessary packages for KTP and telepathy to be installed (no?).
telepathy-rakia is installed.

Please help.

I haven’t found a reason, but what’s missing are the ktp-call-ui packages, which are not installable since nothing provides a libktpcommoninternalsprivate.so.8 . Also, these packages are not included in the KDE Applications 15.12 version. My guess is that the ktp-call-ui packages haven’t been ported to KF5 yet.

FYI: In the past I’ve been using sflphone successfully, both on KDE and GNOME.