Ksysguard (Monitor) lacks process table because ProcessTable.sgrd is empty

Ksysguard has always before shown a process table on one tab and the system load charts on a second tab. Loading Ksysguard produces an error message: “The file /home/*/.kde4/share/apps/ksysguard/Processtable.sgrd does not contain valid XML.” That file contains nothing, as it’s size in Dolphin is 0. Have updated KDE in Yast; removed Ksysguard 4 (which installed ver. 3) then re-installed ver 4. Still lack the process table.

This is OpenSuse 11.4 on a Toshiba A665 laptop. In other respects the system works perfectly, well almost. I’m examining a large number of files recovered by scalpel from a disk image created by ddrescue. This problem appeared while working through the nnnnnnnn.doc files. Most of them open in LibreOffice, but some produce an error message (“Not a Word 95 document”), open as slides (which is OK), or seem to freeze LO (with a CPU core at 100% in ksysguard). Lacking the process table, I’m having trouble killing the LO process (ps doesn’t deliver the process number as expected; still studying it).

Re-installed 11.4, with a format of the / partition. But the ProcessTable.sgrd file, on the /home partition, was not improved or populated. So still no process table.
This is unhandy as some process took 100% of a core and I couldn’t identify it. Had to reboot.

Deleted the empty file. Instantly the process table was again working in Ksysguard.
Don’t know why; just reporting FYI.