kswapd0 maxing CPU, kernel 3.14

Using a laptop, AMD 64 dual core, 3.5 GiB available memory, typically 1.5 to 2.5 in use with no or low swap usage (2 GiB available), running KDE with multiple applications open.

I am following Tumbleweed with multiversion kernel. Currently have kernel-desktop (X86_64) 3.11.10-7.1, 3.14.0-23.6.gfa168d7, and 3.14.1-24.1.geafcebd

I’ve noticed with the 3.14 kernels and a late 3.13 one, with the above usage, that kswapd0 pegs a CPU for extended periods, as reported by KSysGuard. Actual swap usage doesn’t change. Logging out of KDE and using a terminal with top has no problems. Kernel 3.11.10 has no problems.

This appears to be a bug report. Did I find the right forum?

Recommend you should post this in the Tumbleweed forum, I doubt this issue would be relevant or of interest to anyone in this Forum.


OK, thanks.

Thread closed, see new thread in tumbleweed forum.