ksshaskpass / ssh-agent not working

On 12.2 with KDE 4.9, manually starting the ssh-agent after login always pops up a non-KDE-style window requesting my ssh passphrase. Before on openSUSE 12.1, the usual KDE-Wallet password pop-up would be shown instead. How do I get this behaviour back? (My passphrase is rather complicated.)

I did a fresh install of 12.2, but I preserved my home directory. Hence, ~/.ssh is untouched.

As far as I could google, the program ksshaskpass should be responsible for retrieving the ssh passphrase from my KDE wallet. This program is installed, from the repository Index of /repositories/KDE:/Release:/49/openSUSE_12.2 Note that I switched all system packages to this repository.

I am also not so sure how to start the ssh-agent, and why I have do to it manually at all. If I don’t start it, then I am always asked for my passphrase for each and every ssh connection. Shouldn’t the ssh-agent be started by default somehow? So since openSUSE12.1, I am starting it from a script with KDE-autostart facility - maybe this is wrong already?

Maybe add to your “.profile”


for 32 bit systems, or


for 64 bit systems.

Thanks, that was the missing piece. Work fine now! :slight_smile:

PS: For completeness, in my original post I wrote ssh-agent, but it ought to be ssh-add instead (thereby also answering my own silly question). I just mixed those up. :shame: