ksplice reboot during installl

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I was installing OpenSUSE 11.4 last night and out of the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw ksplice reboot the kernel right after the first initial setup; just before the second part where you do software updates and what not.

Now, I kind of confirmed this because when everything was setup and done, I logged in and did another online update and manually rebooted only to find that the install DVD was still in the drive.

If setup had actually rebooted (All the way to post), I would have noticed this and removed the DVD then.

Can someone here confirm this or am I loosing my mind? We have some guys here at work that was curious about this too.


I have read that openSUSE uses kexec to reduce startup time loading the new kernel right after the image installations and not ksplice. As far as I know, Ubuntu has the ksplice feature, but not openSUSE.

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Kexec is what it was, not Kspliceā€¦

And OpenSUSE does use it for their livecd install - I found this bug post about it. Really neat feature BTW. I rather like it :slight_smile:

[Bug 668614] New: kexec after LiveCD install fails](http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2011-02/msg00118.html)

So I knew that openSUSE was not really doing a reboot and then on a couple of reviews on openSUSE, I have seen this name Kexec used, not that I have ever used it myself. You can even run a man kexec to see what it does. And indeed it is pretty neat. It can allow you to get your house in order before the real reboot takes place as well.

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