ksplash theme change (OS11.2, KDE4.3.5)


If one goes to Menu->Configure Desktop->Appearance->Splash Screen
there’s a possibility to choose and install new themes from KDE-look.org . The thumbnails are quite helpful and so on. But the problem is, if you click “Install” and it tells you it’s installed, that’s not true. The new theme doesn’t appear in the list of themes, all you get is a .kde4/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/sharelinkdownloader.php file, which was probably meant to run and download the theme file. Anyone knows how to fix this? (I know one can download the theme files manually and install, but this basically discards all the work done to make it simple and fast).
Thanks for any help!

I have seen this before with several different things, like icon sets, widgets and so on. I think the problem is simply that what you are trying to download is not hosted by KDElook.org, but by a third party instead. Does this happen with all splash screens, or just some?

mm, all I tried at least behaved the same way. I don’t think kde-look hosts any of the final files, and the third-party hostings are usually very proud of making automated downloads as complicated as possible… But perhaps if the downloading application (konqueror?) has javascript enabled somehow internally this could work out? I don’t know… for the moment worked it around by manually downloading and installing. BTW, changing the grub theme wasn’t that trivial either, and a link in opensuse forums from 2007 helped me there…

Here’s the link to the forum page with instructions how to change the grub theme:
Changing The Grub Boot Splash Screen. - openSUSE Forums

It’s strange that such simple steps are not automatized yet…