Is KSnapshot dead? I have recently installed 42.3, and Spectacle is now the default under the PrtScrn key. I am sure it is great… but I loved Ksnapshot! I looked in YAST but it is not there…

Don’t know what the official status is, but it’s available in private repos… Try wolfi’s ?


The official status (by the KDE developers) is that ksnapshot is dead and spectacle is its replacement (since December 2015).
See also https://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-applications-15.12.0.php

spectacle should have all features that ksnapshot had anyway.

Spectacle did have a couple of problems for me on 42.2. First one was that rectangular selection cursor was very hard to see. 2nd one was that selection stopped working completely. Now it all does what it suggests. That’s fairly recent.


Another tool is shutter:

Shutter is a GTK+ 2.0 screenshot application written in perl.
Shutter covers all features of common command line tools like
scrot or import and adds reasonable new features combined
with a comfortable GUI using the GTK+ 2.0 framework