KsCD does not recognise audio CD (nor does CD Player)

Apologies for this, I know the answer is out there (I’ve seen a thread thanking CAC4xxx for solution), but a review of all associated with “audio cd” does not make that answer obvious.

In thread referenced above, CAC4xxx asked if K3b recognised the CD, which it does and interestingly pops up a “Open CD Player” window upon which “CD Player” does play the CD, and whilst K3b is running will recognise subsequent audio CDs.

Also interestingly, DVDs are recognised - pops up a window with DVD name and “Open with Videos” (maybe I don’t have that installed).

Sound Card is YaST configured (needed a reboot? or re-login?), speaker test works. System installed via this DVD drive. Might be a conflict between the 2 CD apps (but CD Player was the same before KDE was added).

HP Pavillion 6500, MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-851S, MCP67 High Def Audio. Leap 42.1 with Gnome default desktop (but KDE and KDE apps installed).

Assist welcomed

Fixed, but first apologies,the referenced guru was CAF4926.

The fix (found eventually in this forum) was to add my user-id to the “audio” and “cdrom” groups; logout and back in. This fixed both “CD Player” and “kscd”; being a gnome desktop, “CD Player” is the default app.

forward onto my next issue!