KSanpshot does not autostart


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I don’t have this option “Preset Action” in systemsettings which permit to define KSnapshot as the default snapshot’s program, and I think that’s the reason why nothing happens when I press the key PrintScreen.

What’s the way to make it appear in this menu ? I tried to create this manually, but it seems to bug when I give a name to subentry.


Did you assign Ksnapshot a shortcut key in Menu Editor?

Ditto. That is the solution. Right click menu button and find ksnapshot and edit to assign key. SAVE

It seems there’s a conflict with Hotkeys, that’s the message if I try to assign the key PrintScreen to KSnapShot in Kmenueditor

Just ignore the conflict and let KSnapshot have the printscreen key.

Fine :slight_smile:

I had to restart the session because kickoff was off (don’t know why) but it works well now

Please just two questions :

  • is it normal that in Kickoff > apps > utilities > desktop I have two Ksnapshots : Ksnapshot and Ksnapshot/KDE3 ?
  • any one else had the same problem, I mean this conflict with hotkeys, and had to reassign the key (is it a bug, does it depends of a special configuration… ?)


Most likely you have kde4 KSnapshot and kde3 KSnapshot. I gather kde3 apps are included if there are issues with the kde4 versions.