Krusader & synchronize

I’m trying to replicate rsync to a remote where rsync is not enabled/allowed. I need to cleanup a lot of files (2 years worth)

I can connect with krusader and when I use the synchronizer (Ctrl-y), it shows me the files on 1 side, not on the other and all the files that are on both. But I still can’t figure out how to only select the files that need to be synchronized from the right panel or just the files that need to be deleted. Can somebody explain how to? or some link?

I have looked at
Midnight Commander will only copy files that are different size and will not delete the files on the destination is they are not present in the source. I’m also open to some other alternative as long it doesn’t need to run on the remote server


Probably first step is to clearly define your problem and desired solution.

You’re looking for a sync solution.
A “sync” is 2-way (or more depending on number of nodes) which is much more complex than simple replication which is one way.
Here is an example…
Typical personal cloud services (ie cloud storage) typically are sync services.
This means that regardless whether there is a change on your local machine or modifying a file on the cloud, the service detects the change wherever it may be and according to its own algroithm (often comparing timestamps) all others are updated.
Also, if you configure the personal cloud service on a brand new device (eg laptop), the service will automatically detect the absense of files on your new machine so will automatically copy files down to your machine.

This is different than if one of your machines is the “master” and the other the “slave” (ignoring for a moment Linux Torvald’s new kernel policy announced this past week that such terminology is being deprecated in favor of terminology like “primary” and “secondary”).
If your service detects a change on your Master, the change will be copied over to the Slave.
But the reverse won’t happen… If a change is made on the Slave, that change won’t be replicated to the Master.

Do you really require a sync solution or are you really looking for a replication solution?

In fact,
replication is so simple that there are probably plenty of scripts published that will do the job and even support a few more advanced rules like applying more conditions than simple timestamps.


Very good point.

I’m looking “toward” replication. 1 way from source to destination. But the replication must also delete files on the destination if they are not in the source.

The reason for looking at Krusader/Synchroniser was that I would prefer a GUI so I can pick and choose directories/sub-directories. I don’t want to do the whole tree at once.